Just Beachy Part 2: 5 Steps For The Perfect Beachy Wave

Monday, January 28, 2013

I apologize for only having one photo, my camera is on it's last leg, poor thing!  Keep reading for my tips on how to get the perfect beachy wave!

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1. Loosely and messily curl your hair.  The two absolute most important parts of this process that are crucial to the the beachy wave are: 
-DO NOT brush your hair before curling.  Your hair's natural texture is what makes this hairstyle possible.  
-Leave the ends straight.  Don't wrap about the last half inch, to full inch of your hair around the curling iron or rod.  If you curl the ends, it will end up looking too curly and won't have that natural wave effect.

2. Spray your hair with some hairspray and texturizing or sea salt spray.  Use the texturizing spray liberally, as this will imitate the ocean water.  Messily scrunch up your hair as you go. 

 3. Let your hair cool for a minute or two, then proceed to the most important step.

4. Lightly straighten random pieces all around the head.  

5. Use some more texturizing spray and you will look like you just got back from a day at the beach!  

This process works for long hair as well, I used to have hair down to my waist and it works like magic!  I hope this helps you get your perfect wave.  It's really quite simple, and doesn't consume too much time, since the look is already messy, you don't need to stress about making it perfect!  I promise, it might take some practice, but with these five steps, you can achieve this effortless look!

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    1. thanks doll! your blog is lovely!

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  4. My hair is really thick and heavy, and I can't get curls to stay! (Even with a whole thing of hairspray!) I just perm for a couple months a year and have curly hair for a couple months and then straight for the rest of the time.


    1. I would try curling VERY small sections and hair spraying before and after curling every section. I would use a rod or a straightener also, instead of a regular curling iron with a clamp, if you don't already. I've found that both of those tools have worked much better for getting curls to hold! My hair won't hold with a regular curling iron. Hopefully that will help! Thick hair is gorgeous though and I'm sure yours is really pretty with the perm and straight! Maybe when you have your perm, try lightly straightening pieces of the hair and you might get the beachy effect? I'm picturing that looking like sarah jessica parker's hair style in sex and the city. Let me know if this helps!