Crushing Hard // Last Summer

Saturday, February 02, 2013

                     Kimono Pins and Needles [Urban Outfitters]
                     Jumpsuit Wish 
                     Shoes Crushing Hard Platform Heels 

My camera has been a bit off the wall lately, I haven't been able to capture and decent outfit photos yet!  These were taken last summer, and while, I'm not sure I would wear this outfit again, I figured I needed to post something!  I've been having a hard time styling this jumpsuit, it's a lovely shape, but is hard to capture in a photo.  I am absolutely in love with these heels and I'm sure you will see them in many posts to come!  I miss how green and lovely last summer was here, and I wish it was summer again!  Although I can't complain, aside from two or three snowfalls/blizzards the winter in Colorado has been pretty mild this year.  Don't want to jinx it! 

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